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26 July 2008 @ 01:05 pm
What? DeviantArt?  
I'm just about ready to link my Livejournal and my DeviantArt accounts. I've got friends on dA who get frustrated that I don't really use my characters for writing, and while I've mentioned that I have a lj account, it's only been casually.

I have a friend who's doing a "NEVER!!" when it comes to lj, and I really don't think she's discovered the communities yet. She's sticking with fanfiction.net >.< . I find that most of the people who post there (for specific sections anyway) range from 12-17 years old. I'm done with that, I think. At least the type of bad crowds on lj are a more mature immature crowd (huh? It sounds strange, but if you think about it....) There might be some others I can persuade....

I think the biggest problem I have with dA is that you have to have an account to respond to anything. It seems silly to have something like that just to be able to tell people what you think. Meaning that it really just sits there, not doing anything. And nobody really reads the "journals" there, because they're so out of the way. At least on lj I can at least try to force people to read my announcements. And you can choose what you want to read...

And I just totally when on a big talk about something that really didn't need it....

(btw, there's something weird going on with that site. It seems they're constantly doing maintenance, so I can't really do anything. That, and links aren't working when I type them in...)
Current Mood: nostalgicwistful