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06 November 2008 @ 09:06 pm
Don't let your rice get cold  
So we have a vegan food place at school. It's really pretty good, if you can handle peppery/spicy food. But with their Asian food they use sticky rice (it's a different kind than western, and that's why they can pick it up with chopsticks; also why onigiri stay together), and so today when I got it for dinner, I was working on the computer and didn't eat fast enough. Turns out that sticky rice is nastier than western when it gets cold...

So, ever worn something really nice, then had a bad picture taken? I finally found a picture of my first youmacon costume, and it's not very good (course, that one was taken a ten minutes after my camera was stolen, so it was a fake smile anyway). I'll probably go through the effort to dress back up sometime to have a good picture taken.

I'm about to knock down my thesis paragraph when it comes to homework. Are historians allowed to use philosophy? I've come to the conclusion that everything about it was more or less inevitable, but I don't want to write that and the professor say that it's too loose. But it's due tomorrow, and it said it's okay if I don't quite know what I'm doing. That's what this class is for, anyway. The best phrase that comes to mind is that they were "victims of the time." It was bound to happen, as well as all the reactions and stuff. And I have a shitload of newspapers to go through now...

At least I'm doing well in German!