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07 November 2008 @ 10:05 pm
On Artistic Freedom....  
....or rather, artistic liberties. I don't remember how I got to looking up paintings of Alexander, but it never fails to amuse me how many liberties those darn Renaissance painters took!

This is another one of those "really big cut with pictures" posts. So you don't have to open it if you don't feel like looking at them.

  This just sort of puzzled me. It's a fragment of a painting of Alexander, the painter Apelles, and "Campaspe"....she was a rumored mistress of Alexander's when he was younger (I don't believe it. She's been connected to Callixena and I think that people just wanted him to be straight at that point). But the thing that puzzles me: Why is he naked but for a cloth and a helmet? And what's holding that cloak over his genitals? (aside from the obvious guess....get your minds out of the gutter!)

A different painting of the same subjects. Aside from Alexander's trousers/stocking and shoes, and what Campaspe's wearing....look at Apelles!!

You'd have to do a full view to catch all of the ones in this one. But the princesses/queen are looking very modern. And look at that kid behind them! And Hephaestion, if you zoomed in, would quite obviously be wearing full armor.

This one just sort of makes me laugh. Another fragment, and another of them before Darius' family. By an Italian painter. Their expressions make me laugh...it makes me think of what I imagine Mercutio as from Romeo and Juliet.

A wonderful painting of Diogenes speaking to a dark hair, mustached, bearded Alexander wearing a 17th century cuirass.

I saved the best for last. It's entitled "Alexander the Great has one of his ambassadors return his crown to Abdolominus". *cough* Maybe I'm just really geeky, but....Abdalonymus was the king of Sidon, right....Nevermind the garb, think of who the "ambassador" was *snickers*

Now I get to go write a critique on a girl's thesis paragraph. It's a page and a half long. One of the grad students in my German class said that the nice way to put it is "It's good, but the whole thing needs to be redone." I agree. A paragraph that is only supposed to introduce the purpose of the paper shouldn't be that long, with the thesis statement at the very end. I'll make it clear that we don't need that many details right off--she goes and describes details of problems with mental hospitals before reforms. And we don't need those yet!


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