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29 December 2008 @ 09:12 am
A bit of art and thinking.  
I drew Achilles! Actually, I'm pretty mad, cause I spent forever on the hair and eyes and face and shit, (which you can't even see without full view!) but didn't plan any further, so I had no idea what to do with the background and stuff. So this one won't be finished. But it's a start, really!

I spent most of yesterday doing muscle studies in my sketchbook. At one point my mom looked over, and asked if she could show me problems by drawing on the book (fyi, my the sketchbook doesn't do well with pencil. I have to figure out what went wrong when I bought it), and we ended up doing a bizarre collaboration, showing each other what to do. In the end we gave him hair and decided he needed to be carrying the Olympic torch (I had originally drawn it to show what someone with a sword would look like in that position). 'Course, because it was a muscle study he was naked, so we'll just say he was in the original Olympics (although, did they even do the carrying of the torch?)

I got this weird feeling reading a reveiw of a Mary Renault book yesterday (It was the one about the guy in Athens--I feel lame that I can't remember the name offhand. The review was by a buyer who liked it). It was like I was wondering whether I was going down the wrong path with In All but Blood, saying that homoeroticism shouldn't be too heavily mentioned or something. Like people didn't want to hear it. Then I mentally kicked myself, because it was written for fans. Yes, I have self-esteem problems from time to time.

Part of it had to do with the fact that I was writing the next part and didn't like how it was going. I skipped ahead too much, and that's all I'll really say.

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See you later, instigator: Oscar Wilde (by plastic_clown)oudeteron on December 29th, 2008 04:10 pm (UTC)
Your Achilles looks actually pretty good. I want to smack the n00b who inflicted a certain movie on us with it. Repeatedly. It doesn't even seem unfinished judging by the figure.

You mean The Last of the Wine? I don't know what the review says, but not showing anything is just the way Renault writes. It doesn't matter what "kind" of eroticism it is, and I don't see why anyone should outright copy her. And if the reviewer was saying bullshit like, "I'm so glad she didn't force me to actually SEE any gay sex!", then I'll be right over here, rolling my eyes. I'm sure Renault wasn't catering to anyone and her stuff works well just the way it is, but personally I'd rather make these hypocrites very damn uncomfortable.
MissTeacakes: alexhephmissteacakes on December 29th, 2008 04:32 pm (UTC)
I'll be perfectly honest, there were like...two things that were right/I appreciated: 1) the hair. I have a theory about guys who can braid their own hair (look at Hephaiston's nice French braids in when they're in Babylon!) and 2) for the part that was handed to him, written in the script as a jerk and an Indian giver, Brad Pitt played a good asshole Achilles. Okay, so I really do just think he's a good actor... But yes, I would smack them otherwise. Or rather, despite.

What happened was one guy complained (this is amazon, btw) about it being "laced with homoeroticism", and another guy basically said, "there was one kiss, so no, it's not really, get over it."
See you later, instigator: Alexander & Hephaistionoudeteron on December 29th, 2008 06:25 pm (UTC)
Well, the hair, I'll give them that. And if they want to make him an asshole, that's fine too. But butchering and censoring the whole thing like they did... yeah, like there wasn't enough of that already.

It may actually be laced with it (WHICH IS NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT, IDIOT REVIEWER, YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ANTIQUITY? DID YOU EXPECT 100% STRAIGHT ENTERTAINMENT?!), but yeah, doesn't mean it's that visible. I like the book the way it is, but I wouldn't mind another one being more explicit. Hey, someone's got to do it eventually.