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30 January 2009 @ 09:03 am
Antiyoka! Tulamaya! Alikasunala!  
So I have to talk about the Indian, because I'm studying them, and there are some things that are just insane. In some ways, they were miles ahead of our friends in the classical world. So I'm gonna say some stuff about Ashoka.


Because Ashoka was cool. In 255, he sent out ambassadors to the Greeks, all in order to teach them about proper conduct and Buddhist ideals. And we're not talking about Alexanders successors (okay, some some decendants of successors.) So without looking at the small stuff, try translating these names into Greek, then I'll put exactly who they are: Antiyoka, Tulamaya, Antekinda, Maka, and Alikasunala. Antioch II of Syria, Ptolemy II, Antigonus Gonatas of Macedonia, Magas of Cyrene, probably Alexander of Epirus (I have no idea what generation-- his ruling time272-255) I actually don't know whether they actually made it or not.

Anyway, he reigned for about three decades. That's not bad, as far as I'm concerned. And he only conquered one place, which was what caused him to become Buddhist. 150,000 people were forcibly abducted, 100,000 died in battle, and more died later. He put governors through his kingdom to make sure his people were behaving well, and to give him updates; they were allowed to see him even if he were eating or hanging in his rooms.

He documents all this stuff in writing. On rocks, which is actually kinda cool. And he continued to do his work while he was running imperial missions (religious missions, that is).

And I need to get back to studying now >.<. Cause I have a test on this shit coming up...



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