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05 July 2009 @ 05:09 pm
So I'm back in the lovely state of Pennsylvania. I swear, this house breaks just about every building code there is, including lack of outlets. We're a little afraid of causing a fire from plugging too much in at a time. So I'm attempting to write, and all of this is on paper. I normally wouldn't complain, but after a while I can't write fast enough and need to type so I can go without my thoughts stopping. If I can't I start spelling Agememnon "Agemnon' and such stupid things.

I am tearing myself away from Harry Potter long enough to work on Patroclus/Achilles. It's interesting trying to switch not only time periods but world regions at the drop of a hat.

It started with reading Alexander fanfiction. Not so dangerous, right? Well, it occurred to me that I never see any real deviation in personality. I got this sudden craving for evilplotting!Alexander/Hephaestion. Y'know, the ones that plotted--and got away with--the killing of Philip. Cause it's not enough that I have one evil ship (Schuldig/Crawford).

Anyway, I told myself that since I couldn't find any decent ones I'd just have to deal with it. I thought I had managed to squash the urge down.

The problem with this is that, should you not get your evil fix, it pops up in other fandoms. So suddenly I wanted to read about dark!Sirius. Yes, with poor Remus. Or maybe the other way around! Anyway, at least if I go look I'll probably find this one somewhere. It's the nice thing about belonging to an enormous fandom.

Now, about killing the source of this craving....

Hopefully I'll get a good drawing done at some point, too. If it's any good, I'll put it up. Probably.