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13 August 2009 @ 03:33 pm
So, odd as this seems, my confidence has gone down the drain. Why? It might have something to do with the fact that I realized most of my stories have more dialogue than anything.

I had wanted to write my first-ever Post-Azkaban Remus/Sirius. The easy, beginners one, the way I see it, is the "lay low at Lupin's", and I started and hated it. So I tried to write another school!story, since I mostly write that and just wanted to get back into the swing of things, and that ended up looking like crap to me, too.

So I thought about continuing my Trojan War story, or working on the "official" version. But I'm stumped.

In the end, I haven't really done anything at all. That's where I've been all this time, along with work. Thus, silence from me. So I'll shove some fic recs at you people.

Last year, I went on a pair of rants about The Cain Saga, by Kaori Yuki. The first was a full out rant about how to do tragedies, the second was my concieding that the ending was fairly decent. If you have read the series or don't mind hearing the whole thing basically, summarized, feel free to go read them. But there were a number of fics that I destinctly remember liking. So i'll dump those on y'all. All are Riff/Cain. I translated the ratings into "normal" language, according to the authors

From Denial to a Kiss PG-13 Thirteen Riff/Cain Drabbles That's about it.

Pick Up Okay, i lied. Riff/OC There's one point in the series that Riff is shown with a random woman, and this a drabble about it. This is crack.

Afternoon Tea and Tarts  PG  A silly story about Cain getting bored during tea.

Night Under Cover
  NC-17, slight PWP. Cain's disguised himself as a woman (in case you're wondering, he did so once in the actual series, too) and he and Riff are forced to stop at an inn for the night. Riff, as the first excuse that came to mind, said that the reason that it was acceptable for him to share a room with a young lady was that they were eloped lovers. They suffer the consequences thereof, and when alone in the room Cain gets bored. It's a first-time fic. (I am terrible at these summaries, btw)