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09 September 2009 @ 12:37 pm
So now that I'm back in school, I have even less free time. Ironically, this isn't a bad thing (for you).

Here's how it goes:

I get up at 7 (or 8, if I'm not feeling as spry), go to class. I'm totally psyched about my Greek history class, because I'm a geek, which means I'll actually get up three days a week. I get done by noon, and I'm not exhausted. In fact, because I've started working for the day, I am in more of a mood to continue working. I almost never do homework right after I get out of class, which means that I could very well go start writing. And because the internet in my dorm sucks, I can't be online and have the TV going at the same time. No distractions!

On top of this, one day a week (today, I think. Proof that I have to actually look at my schedule) I have creative writing. Which means I'll probably be forced to do some creative writing. Imagine that. If anyone is actually interested in reading original stuff, I'll probably have more of it up.

On a less happy note, I think I'm going to hate my new major. I went to my Writing on Literature class, and I don't think I'm going to particularly like picking apart books. There's one group of idiots that seem to think that, when teaching a book, you shouldn't teach about the culture or history behind it, because that's not what literature is about. You look at it only as a work of art. It sort of defeats the purpose of art, though, doesn't it? Take Johnathon Swift for example: You can't not look at the social problems of the era, because he wrote satires, very much with the intent of making people look at the problems with the British government and such. I hate critics.

And of course, the idiots that designed my dorm gave me a full sized bed, which takes up about half the room, but I have a severe shortage of storage space and no book shelves. This is a college! WHY DON'T WE HAVE BOOKSHELVES?!

Oh, and I hate you people at allinplaid . You make me like Barty Jr! He's ridiculously awesome. Or awesomely ridiculous. It works in that we only see him like...twice in the books. There's a lot of room for character development. I might feed off the interpretation to some extent. It'll most certainly be toned down, partly because canon isn't that silly, and partly because I can't come up with lines like "you are my own marshmallows" or "My soul is a pretzel. A contagious, fast lane pretzel that pretzelizes all that it touches."

That's about all of what's up right now.


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