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25 September 2009 @ 10:33 am
I genuinely dislike physics. To the point that I've avoided it for most of my life. However, there is now a formula that I shall never forget. It was given to me by the Greek history teacher, when we were going over phalanx warfare. So here's how it goes.

Force=mass x acceleration.

That's how you'll know who wins. Unless you have:

Force=mass x acceleration x Spartans.

Thus when you have 500 Spartans and 500 Corinthians, the fact that the S factor in the Corinthians = 0 nulls the 500; there is no battle, because there's no force at all with the Corinthians, because chances are they've all taken off.

So I hope that you have all learned something. That formula will stick with me for the rest of my life.

In the meantime, I've learned a decent amount about warfare in the Bronze Age, so I get to take that into account when writing. Like the fact that they all had riot shields. Which means if you get knocked over, good luck on getting back up, because that thing is strapped onto your arm. I think it could make things more interesting with my writing. Which I do intend to get back to >.< .

I refuse to complain about school this time. I'm trying this new thing called optimism, which means sucking it up even though my American Indian history class is basically a big guilt-trip for Europeans. It takes away most of the things for me to talk about.

I do get to make clothes for my friends because I'm a sucker I love them so much. Yeah. Last time I did was for the first time with a new "customer" who is both honest and picky. She loved it. So I'm feeling a little better about my sewing skillz. Anyone else who complains can just shove it, because I'm doing the best I can on a tight schedule. You can see how good my optimism is, right?

So that's about if for a status report.

Oh, and I found a YouTube video of someone playing the First Delphic Hymn to Apollo. I hope even you non-grecophiles out there will appreciate it. I think it's beautiful.