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13 December 2009 @ 10:13 am
Oscar, I blame you (in the most loving way, of course)  
I was drawing, and while doing so trying to think of how to describe a person in a story. Of course, there are easy things, like hair and eye colour, complexion, etc. But there are other things, like demeanor, and some of the things I thought of--you'll soon find quite how much my mind wanders when I'm drawing wanders--only made some sense; for example, I thought that if Regulus Black was a chick, he'd be Twiggy. And it's not necessarily the colouring, or the face shape, or anything. But if you look, although Twiggy is a fashion icon and very pretty, she's not that pretty. A lot has to do with the way she holds herself. And there are times when her expression is exactly what I see Regulus as having half the time. And what about his brother, who's basically considered to the be the most beautiful man in the (Harry Potter) world? It's and interesting question.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that I knew next to nothing about fashion in the seventies. And because I'm both a history student and a geek, I went ahead to search. Our library has implemented this cool thing where, if you're a student, you can access the library 24 hrs a day during the last few weeks before finals.So I want down to the library to look up books on men's fashion. (I'll tell you, I might end up going to our library at all hours now, just to hear the satisfying clack of the lock when I swipe my card.)

I found a book that was called The New English Dandy. And I found out just how badly the word "dandy" has been misused. I think that it's something that needs reversal, so I will actually dedicate (at least part of) a post to talking about dandies.

Ironically, a "real" dandy is a little like the metrosexual. (actually, metrosexual the American equivalent; dandyism itself is very much a British thing.) They are men who pay attention to fashion in a specific way: careful consideration, neatness, awareness of the importance of detail, appreciation of the line, investment in quality, and subsequently a certain amount of distinction from all of this. And, in fact, the original dandy was the exact opposite of his flamboyent comtemporaries. It's all about political statements.

The French began to make a little fun of this general attitude as being effeminate. (due to the awareness of fashion) This was just chalked up to being anti-English. Unfortunately, suspicions were "confirmed" during the 1890's when a certain famous playwrite, who followed the ideals of dandyism, got in a infamous homosexual scandal. With Victorian perceptions, it was the death-blow to the term.

There's something a little comic about the reemergence of the subculture; I can imagine a guy reading a magazine telling him that it's okay to not be a lumberjack. He'd say "I want to enjoy music! I like poetry and art! I don't want to look like I just got back from driving my non-existant cattle through huge clouds of dust!" In a way it's always been there, but almost even underground. The term "distinguished old gentleman" comes to mind, but more and more it's both men in their middle ages and young men who are embracing this sort of thing.

Looking at all these traits, they're very specifically where my fashion sense lies; I don't even buy stuff in the first place if I don't know that it's quality. To be honest, I know very few girls who dress with any class (or at least avoid stuff that's ripped), let alone guys. It all comes down to the fact that this is probably the type of guy I've been looking for.

In the meantime, I've been picking up stuff with just with the type of people-photos I want. Because I want to learn to draw! Er...that is, I want to develop my style more, that is. I've turned my attention a somewhat to Devendra Banhart who, when he's less hairy, is actually quite an atttractive person. He's in the "new weird" genre of music. My opinion of his music is up and down, but I ran into him through the music video for "London, London."

I really want to draw people that I haven't tried (or in some cases, succeeded) drawing. Maybe do a few Christmas cards? Most likely it'll all be marker, despite the fact that I've got a few important colors that ran out...