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09 March 2008 @ 09:54 am
What makes a tragedy  
I feel really bad right now...it happens every once and a while. Namely when I get an email saying that someone had favorited the Count Cain story I have on ff.net, Silver Spoon.

Oh, um, btw.....if you ever intend on reading the series, this thing causes MAJOR SPOILERS! TO THE POINT WHERE I ACTUALLY SUMMARIZE THE WHOLE THING!

I extremely mad at Kaori Yuki right now. She can do whatever the hell she wants with Angel Sanctuary (I don't like that series, it's really weird, so I don't care). However, I am currently refusing to buy the rest of the Godchild series--I'm reading it in the stores, and if it ends the way I want, then I'll spend my money on it. I know I am being very childish about this, and I'm usually pretty good about this stuff. I didn't stop Harry Potter after Tonks fell in love with Remus (actually, I believe at this point that puppyshippers are the best loophole finders in the world....) However, the fact that she made go Riff evil, try to kill Cain, and join Alexis is completely unforgivable. Especially after she built up the sexual tension to the point that it actually should have had "YAOI" written on the cover (because really, Cain was crying on Riff's shoulder, and saying "You're mine... I'll never let anyone else help me bathe..." and stuff. WTF!? I don't care if you do live in Victorian England, just f*cking KISS already! I don't care if Riff's your butler, you don't say that to people without sounding gay!)

Although, I must admit, if I think too hard about the ages, it starts to freak me out. Cause  I could swear that somewhere in The Sound of a Boy Hatching, it said Riff was 22 at the time, which would make him 27 now, and Cain's 17. Oh well. It's anime. Nobody really cares so long as it's not blatant in their appearances and actions.

But anyway, I've come up with a thing about Tragedies. Because really, I like them a lot. But the thing is, Kaori Yuki isn't doing it right. A tragedy should build your hopes up to the point where you honestly believe that it'll be a happy ending. Then it crushes your dreams in the most horrible and ironic way. However, if it isn't ironic enough, then you just get disappointed with the ending, and you just think  "well that ending sucked."

Kaori Yuki, on the other hand, doesn't bother building your hopes up, except with the whole Riff bit. The thing about Riff going evil is that this isn't the end of the series. We've still got three more books to go, people! Instead Cain's mother dies, and shortly after he's horribly scarred in finding out that his father was creepy incestuous and rapes his sister, and guess who comes out! The cousin who he's in love with (however, at that time it was acceptable) is in love with someone else. She dies a pretty ugly death. More people die, Cain has to get engaged, and ends up falling in love with her, but then falls in love with someone else too.

And then it gets weird, where his fiance is brutally slaughtered, and the series turns into a real sci-fi, in that his other love is a sort of vampire and has to eat human bits to survive....and it turns out that's what happened to Cain's fiance. She's overcome with guilt, and commits suicide. In the meantime, Cain had something earlier about how he looks into her "beautiful blue eyes", and they remind him of something, and he gets nostalgic when he sees them. Because, y'know, it has nothing to do with the one person who's said "You're my whole reason for existence, and if you throw me away, I'll die." (there's a transition from a protector relationship to.....something else...).

And then more people die, and he finds out that the father, who he thought was dead, and spent all the time up to his "death" whipping Cain, and being a general asshole is alive. And said father--Alexis--says "Oh, well, I will take away everyone you ever loved. And my other son, your half-brother, will eventually tear out your eyes." I can deal with this, because a little bit earlier Cain's uncle, who you thought was a jerk, has grown on you because you found out he's giving Cain tough love. And although Alexis does get around to shooting him eventually, he doesn't actually die. Besides, now that you're six or seven books into the series,  you can see that Riff and Cain are totally in love with each other, are physically all over each other with the hugging and the comfort thing, and all that, and Riff threatening his ex-fiance (who ran away with his brother), that if she ever came near there again he'd kill her. And you know that they'll get together in the next book, because Riff, once again, says, "If you  ever leave me, I'll lose all reason for living, and will probably end up killing myself."

But no. All of a sudden, some sort of hypnosis thing comes up, and it turns out that Riff got some sort of bizarre personality makeover about twelve years ago, so that he and Cain will get really close, and in fact he's a horrible person, and his alter-ego hates Cain with a firey passion. And so now he's evil, and tries several times, in the worst possible tricky ways, to kill Cain. At this point, the whole series is so depressing, with Cain leaving all the other side characters to protect them, that the reader wants to slit their own wrists!

So I figure that she has only two ways to go from here, and both of them require going up (cause there's no possible way it can get worse). First, she can make Riff's good ego (which is still in there, I believe), overcome is bad ego, they kill Alexis and all the other bad guys, go home, get together, and live happily ever after. However, what I think will happen, knowing Kaori Yuki and her obsession with bible-parallels, Cain's eyes will be removed from his face, but Riff's good-ego will overcome the bad-ego, and together they bring down all the bad guys, but die in the process.

There could very well be a third option. However, the first two are the only ways I can think of that can not leave you disappointed by the end. The second would be the correct ending to a f'cked-up tragedy, right?

And that is my spoilerific!Count Cain rant, along with the proper way she can fix this absolute mess of a tragic story. And you know, I have friends that have only just become obsessed with this manga, right as I began to hate it (well....sort of). But anyway, I've wanted to go on a rant about the proper type of tragedy for a while, and now I have done so. So there.

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