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12 January 2010 @ 01:30 pm
If I catch one more virus, I am going to fucking SCREAM!  
Okay people, you better fucking listen to me RIGHT NOW.

AOL Instant Messanger has been spreading viruses like no one's business. I would highly recommend uninstalling it from your computers. There's another program, which is actually pretty neat, with which you can access AIM with actual virus protection. It's called Trillion. So if you use AIM go download it. Now.

What happened, though, is I got a virus that disguised itself as an antivirus program, saying you've got all these Trojans and stuff on your computer and offers to do a full scan. Then, when it's done, it charges you $50 to buy the full version. I fell into this scam, and it's cost me a fortune. It kept popping up saying that I needed to buy it again for $80,. By this time I knew it was a scam, and had to buy a legitimate program for $30.

The Beast is gone, but it took four hours. Save yourselves trouble. The name of the fake "program" is Malware, and disguises itself as a component of Windows.