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12 January 2010 @ 07:32 pm
In All but Blood, ch 41  
Title: In all but Blood
Rating: PG-13, for now (yell when it needs to go higher!)
Summary: When Patroclus accidentally kills a friend in an argument, he and his father are forced to flee to Phthia, where the queen is said to be a goddess and he's asked to look after her tiny son, unknowing that a series of events has been put into play that will change the world forever.

Achilles slept nestled in Patroclus arms, his face buried in his chest, making it difficult for his lover to move without waking him. Patroclus really wished that this wasn't the case; this was one of those nights in which it seemed impossible to sleep, and he wanted desparately to roll over, although he doubted he'd be any more comfortable in that position.


He'd spent a good amount of the night trying to make Achilles feel better about the impending doom on Agamemnon's daughter. The youth paced and ranted, and Patroclus spoke calmly and quietly, attempting to make Achilles simply accept that there was nothing to be done. As so often happened, Achilles completely exhausted himself with the strength of his emotions, and fell asleep almost as soon as his lover got him to lay down.


Patroclus, on the other hand, lay awake with a growing stomachache thinking about it. For all he tried to sound calm and rational, it bothered him just as much as Achilles. What seemed to make it even worse was that he had even less power to change her fate than Achilles.


Giving up on sleep, he carefully disentangled him from the youth sleeping beside him, and dressed before wrapping a cloak around himself and stepping outside. It was very early morning, before the sun had even risen. The camp was quiet in the grey dawn, only a few men sitting around fires and talking quietly. Patroclus walked to the fire and sat down next to it, greeting the men quietly.


Patroclus?” He turned to see Achilles rubbing his eyes tiredly, his own cloak clutched around him. “What's wrong?”


Patroclus gave a small smile. “I couldn't stand laying still anymore, let alone sleep.”


Achilles came up to him and greeted the men, and told them that he'd like to talk to Patroclus alone. The men looked a little irked, but left.


“You should've let them keep their fire,” Patroclus said.


“They can make a new one,” Achilles said, settling down next to him. “This is about Iphigenia, isn't it?”


Patroclus wet his lips and looked away, but it was answer enough.


“You shouldn't go through all that effort to take the weight off me if you're just going to carry it yourself.” Achilles twined their fingers together. “It's not fair to you. And you know how I hate to see you unhappy.”


“I wouldn't have been happy regardless of whether you are or not,” Patroclus responded quietly. “No need for us both to be miserable.”


“But...” Achilles sighed and looked at his feet, apparently unable to come up with a response.


“Having a soft heart is my curse, not yours,” Patroclus said. “You are a leader of men, you don't need that kind of weakness.”


Achilles looked up, anger in his eyes. “Don't you dare count that as a weakness,” he snapped.


Patroclus was about the answer, but a was interrupted by a gruff yell. Ajax, the son of Peleus' brother Telemon, was making his way over to them.


Are you two moping again?” he asked, and sat heavily down with a goodnatured smile.


I don't consider myself particularly 'mopey'.” Patroclus said, returning the smile.


Patroclus liked Ajax. He wasn't the smartest man he'd ever met, but certainly wasn't an idiot. He was a warrior, enormous and strong, and a single-minded person. But he was good natured, usually pleasant to be around. His men related to him through his slight vulgarity, and he could gamble and knew all the words to their songs, and listened avidly to their stories.


Damnation,” Ajax was saying. “I'm tired of sitting here. I'm wasting away, and my men are getting dangerously restless. About to pick fights, I'd say, just to get rid of the boredom.”


Don't worry, we'll off soon enough,” Achilles said. “Just as soon as Agamemnon slaughters his daughter.”


Eh, don't worry about it,” Ajax said, turning to his cousin. “Sure, it was underhanded, using betrothal to get her here, but it was going to happen sometime. If not on this venture, then another of his.”


Yeah,” Achilles said. Then, with some finality, he repeated, “Yeah. You're right. I'll just...get over it.”


That's the spirit!” Ajax gave Achilles a sharp slap on the back, causing the younger man to be jerked forward.


Patroclus' spirits were starting to lift with Ajax's presence. He supposed there were just some people that could do that. His beloved was starting to feel it, too, as evidenced by Achilles' glance at him with a small, slightly bitter smile.


As the sun rose, they were joined by Ajax's younger brother, Teucer. The second son of Telemon was rather smaller, an archer, and rather brighter. Patroclus was sure he'd never seen a pair of brothers that were closer. The two joked together and fought together, sharing one large shield, as Teucer was unable to carry one due to his bow. Soon the four of them were laughing, the hot sun causing all of them to shed their cloaks.


They were so involved that they didn't see the messanger approach.


Lord Achilles,” he said. “Son of Peleus, Princess Iphigenia, daughter of Agamemnon has arrived at wishes to speak to you.”


Achilles glanced at Patroclus a little nervously.


Come with me?” he asked quietly.


I'm not sure that's appropriate,” Patroclus replied, frowning.


You're not simply my lover,” Achilles said. “You're my highest ranking captain. There's nothing wrong with me being accompanied by a captain.”


Patroclus licked his lips again, but knew that there was no way he could resist Achilles when he looked at him like that. Finally, he gave a resigned sigh and nodded.

: OMG!! I promised that I wouldn't abandon this, and I meant it. I just slowed down a little. Y'know, you start to run out of ideas after a while. But it's about time Ajax and Teucer showed up.

I really don't have much to say about this one



(Anonymous) on June 30th, 2010 07:41 am (UTC)
I love this fic! I've just recently discovered the mythology and history fandoms and I've been surfing around for some good stories. This is definitely one of my favorites! There's a very good flow of development and I really like that you try to stick to the facts. Love your characterization of the heroes, it's so realistic, I can totally imagine them acting like that!

Keep up the good work!

*drops truckload of cookies*