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27 March 2010 @ 04:24 pm
Warning: don't spray in enclosed spaces  
Yeah, thanks for telling me now. ^_^ No, I went outside to spray the fixative, but I can't just leave the drawing outside, cause I live on a college campus. So I brought it back in, and got to inhale the fumes, anyway.

I have a bit of a post for today >.< Fanart, and plans involving my drawings in general.

This thing is frickin' huge, by my standards. It's 18x24'', which I can't do any smaller in charcoal. Why? Because. If anyone has seen the movie Hero, Broken Sword says that a certain size paper is needed for red ink; that's the way I am with charcoal. For some reason, his head looks a lot bigger on the computer screen than in real life (or maybe I put his hips in the wrong place?)

But anyway, it's not bad for not having used charcoal is five years--I've decided I'm going to go into "therapy" this way--I'll draw with charcoal (and maybe chalk, if I don't completely freak out) in hopes of desensitizing myself to having dirty hands.

P.S. OH! OHOH!! I FORGOT! Because this is cross-posted galore (meaning...like...off-livejournal-crossposted, because of my announcements, and stuff) I can direct people's attention to someone else!! Particularly these drawings by noneedofcrepe . Because she makes me want to be able tolerate chalky hands.

About Art plans--I am putting half of my stuff on this journal, and other stuff on DeviantArt. I want to try to condense a little, y'know, have stuff in one place. There is no way in Hell I am putting my writing on DeviantArt. Also, I've been getting increasingly frustrated with certain aspects of dA. I know it has something to do with twelve-year-old fangirls, but I'm not sure whether it's that there's too many or they can't actually see my drawings without an account saying they're eighteen. (I, for one, "turned" eighteen nine years ago. But now I'm nearly 21, so it doesn't matter. And you know what? I turned out just fine...I think) Their "mature" rating is something like that of a high school's, so I'll probably get in trouble for posting this without a warning. Because they're dumb. Oh, and you have to have an account to comment; I don't care who talks to me about my work, so long as they're polite about it.

This is all pretty relevant to me because more and more I've just not been putting clothes on my drawings, sometimes because I'm lazy and sometimes because, like this one, I am having too much fun drawing muscles--or lack thereof. I'm not going to keep on covering everything up just because a small minority of the world is stupid! (Besides, they insist on you having a different name for everything. Which is dumb.)

SO!! My compromise: my "mature" drawings go here, including if I ever have the desire to draw gore (which I rarely do); sketches and rough work go up here; anything that has to do with a specific story that I have already begun posting goes up here; pretty much all Harry Potter fanart goes here at this point (it's the price you dA people get to pay for LJ having communities); otherwise, I will continue to post on dA. *takes a deep breath*

And that's it~!


your royal pie-nessentrenous88 on March 29th, 2010 03:45 am (UTC)
I like this lots -- he looks so sullen and yet wary, defending himself from something.
Hannah: cardsnoneedofcrepe on April 2nd, 2010 11:07 am (UTC)
Great idea to use working with charcoal to help get used to dirty hands! I used charcoal to help me draw bigger because I used to struggle to draw anything not minuscule, lol. Thanks for the rec, too. :)

Very nice smooth softness you've got, it's quite kasche, who is an amazing artist to learn from if you want to keep that quality with your charcoal pieces. Also I love that we both give Regulus those wonderful bowed lips, a straight nose, and long elegant eyebrows. It always makes me so happy when I see people drawing Blacks who all look related despite everyone's stylistic differences.

Oh also, have you considered doing regulus_fest? Looks like it's going to be amazing. :D
MissTeacakes: pretty facemissteacakes on April 2nd, 2010 06:38 pm (UTC)
I think I've always sort of imagined rich people to have long eyebrows and straight nose. As for the lips...that's purely a Regulus thing, since it makes him look so bitchy ^_^

You know, I've never taken part in those sort of things. It used to be that I genuinely missed sign-ups or what have you, but I've been wondering if lately I've been making excuses out of lack of confidence in my own work. I should put serious thought into it, though.
Hannah: birdnoneedofcrepe on April 2nd, 2010 10:25 pm (UTC)
I've never done a fest before either, actually. I've done exchanges, I even have my own small one that I've been running for yearsandyears, but never a FEST. This will be new. :) It also looks to me like it's a pretty easy-going environment since, though so many people have become interested in Regulus over the years, there still aren't THAT many of us lmao. So it's not like those epic fests you see all over the place where everyone who's anyone is in them, those always intimidate me as well, so I was happy to see a nice and simple Regulus one.