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I am a classicist/linguist/folklorist/cultural historian/what-the-fuck-ever who is seriously considering becoming a professional student in order to avoid paying school loans. I like creating things. Writing, drawing, sewing, quilting...if it involves creativity and doesn't involve dirty hands, I love it.

I'll also say that, even though it may not come off at that way, I am somewhat socially awkward. This means that, along with other things, I have the tendency to put my foot in my mouth. So if I say something that you find offensive, please tell me nicely, and I can stumble my way around an apology/explanation. If you are rude, I won't fight back. You'll just get blocked because I'm too embarrassed to face you again. Yay, conflict avoidance!

Friending policy: As a girl who turned eighteen online when I was twelve, I don't believe that there's much I can do to stop minors from reading my not-quite-hot hot, man-on-man action. Therefore, all fiction and artwork in my journal is open to the public; other random shit about my life isn't, though. Therefore, if you wish to read friend me, and therefore get to read me whining about my life, I would like to know where you found me. Google doesn't count.

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